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My wife and I founded dsb+ in 2002 with my 2 college roommates (Tulane Architecture class of ‘95) as an alternative to the way architecture was normally practiced in a 9 to 5 firm. The atmosphere of friendship, enthusiasm and love has surrounded everything we do.


We work in what is called a ‘Charette’ where we single-mindedly focus on designing 1 project at a time (into evenings and weekends) bringing together all team members collaborating & considering all aspects of the project.

We get early input from the likely Structural, Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Engineers so their systems will work well and possible Builders to confirm we are within expected construction costs.

We pioneered informal pre-meetings with planning & building department staff to get their early input on possible design solutions. By including them, they map out ‘the road of least resistance’ and we foster goodwill from their governing agencies.

Designing every possible solution up front and thoroughly planning ahead leads to virtually no changes during construction, keeping the original schedule and budget on track. This is why 85% of our work comes from previous clients.


This intense style of work is popular and our team averages 8 weeks of vacation a year recharging between projects, giving all of us the enthusiasm & creativity we are known for.

We have been remote working since 2016 allowing the flexibility to retain the best staff. The savings of having a minimal office presence in Manhattan has allowed our fees to be 1/2 of the price of other firms while giving us more hours to spend on each project.


We love our clients and thank them for giving us a chance to work on so many interesting projects through the years. We hope to work with you!

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