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Did you know that heating and cooling expenses have the single biggest impact on your monthly energy budget? And soaring utility rates can create a strain on your family’s or business’ finances. Ice Age Mechanical can help you save thousands of dollars annually on your utility bills while increasing your family’s quality of life by improving your level of comfort and indoor air quality.


Today’s heating and cooling options are downright exciting! That’s right, we said exciting. The industry has vastly changed since Ice Age Mechanical’s humble beginnings. The sky’s the limit with the technology that has sprung up in the last few years. Variable Speed and Multi Stage Equipment, Ductless Heating and Cooling from Mitsubishi Electric, H2i Technology, Remote Thermostats: these are just a few examples of the new, greener way of thinking in HVAC.

Ice Age Mechanical aims higher than simply replacing that noisy old clunker in your basement or on the roof of your condo building. We’re experts in the new heating and cooling technology. Our technicians and sales force not only help navigate you through all the options available, but guide you through the various incentives and rebates that make switching to a higher efficiency system more affordable than sticking with your old equipment. Since day one, our attention to detail and customer satisfaction has always come first.

Our goal is to provide New York City and its surrounding residents, as well as businesses, with efficient and affordable HVAC work. There is a wealth of information here to get you started. Take a look at our service plans, take a closer look at Ductless Heating and Cooling from Mitsubishi Electric or read what other area residents are saying about Ice Age Mechanical. Of course, if the answers to your questions aren’t here on these pages, give us a ring anytime.

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