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Tower Enterprises of NY & NJ Tower Enterprises of NY & NJ

AC Repair

About Tower Enterprises

Tower Enterprises was founded in 2007 by pioneering engineers Don Heimstaedt and Steve Zenda to provide outstanding quality and service in the heating, cooling and ventilation mechanical industries. Leaders in their trade, they have consistently set high standards of excellence and continue to break sales records with their determination, ambition and dedication to facilitate the best quality services available worldwide.


After graduating with Bachelor of Science degrees for Mechanical Engineering, Don and Steve collaborated with numerous successful companies in the industry and learned the intricate stages of the heating and cooling trade. After amassing extensive experience in their fields, they decided to become partners and form Tower Enterprises in 2007. After a decade of unrelenting success with their business, they foresee no end to their continued growth.

Tower Enterprises is committed to serving New York, New Jersey and the surrounding northeast areas and also cover Florida and the Caribbean. Offering leading technology in environmentally responsible heating, cooling and ventilation services, Tower Enterprises continues to be forerunners in an ever evolving and relentlessly competitive field, while earning the esteemed respect of their peers. With over two dozen high ranking awards earned in both Technological and Sales fields, they remain the leaders in Green Technology and earn their place for greatest yearly achievements in both financial sales, and scientific and technical areas.

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