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J. Haugh Cranes J. Haugh Cranes

Moving Truck Rental

We take pride in each and every project.

We really believe that no job is too small or too big for us to handle. In fact, we are known for doing the jobs that the other companies say are "IMPOSSIBLE".  

We treat every job the same, whether it is a half day HVAC unit swap, or a month long job setting steel for a huge building.  Every job gets our full attention.  

our equipment

Our fleet of modern equipment is maintained regularly to help you complete your job on time, and SAFELY!! 

Mini-Cranes: 2-4.5 Ton, 77' Reach

Industrial Cranes: 8-15 Ton, 60' Reach

Boom Trucks: 10-50 Ton, 210' Reach

Truck Cranes: 50-90 Ton, 230' Reach

All Terrain Cranes: 90-150 Ton, 270' Reach

Manbaskets: 100'-270' of Reach

Larger Cranes Available

Our operators

We are a family owned and operated business.  When you deal with us on the job, you are dealing with an owner that takes pride in the services we provide.


  • CDL Drivers

  • NCCCO and NJ Licenses
  • OSHA Certified Riggers

  • OSHA Certified Signalman

  • HAZMAT HAZWOPER training

  • NJ TRANSIT/AMTRAK training

  • Registered Public Works Contractor

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